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Enable content of invitation messages to be reviewed in 'Roles & Invites'

Currently, in 'Roles & Invites' you can see the list of invites that have been sent etc., but the action button for each only has the option to 'Resend invite'. Since we often customise the invite message, it could be useful if the content of ...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in User roles and permissions 0 Reviewed - on hold

Add a 'link status' filter to the digitisations 'Requests report'

Currently, if a list or list item is deleted which had a digitisation linked to it, the digitisation remains Live in the system. In these cases, when you click the link "View item in reading list" within the Live digitisation, you are taken to an ...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in  TADC 2 Feasibility Review

Change the order of options in the Time Periods filter drop down in the All Lists report

Currently in the All Lists report, the options in the Time Periods filter drop down are ordered Alphabetically, then Chronologically, with 'No Time Period' at the bottom. Usually when we are doing an All Lists report, we are interested in selectin...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in Reports 0 Reviewed - on hold

Change the 'Private' label to a different colour

Currently when a list is made 'Private' it has a red label. Our users find the red colour unsettling, as this usually connotates that something is wrong, or there is an error. Could the colour of the red label please be changed? For example, using...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in Privacy 1 Reviewed - on hold

Improve 'Resource health' functionality in List Analytics

Currently in list analytics, a resource says the 'Metadata could be improved' if: it has Editors instead of Authors if it has no Edition information because it is a first edition This is particularly frustrating when librarians are metadata-checki...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in Edit List 1 Planned

Ensure the Publisher of a Journal is automatically added when DOI lookup is used

Currently when DOI lookup is used the publisher information is not automatically added to the Journal information tab in the metadata. The publisher information is important for Copyright reporting, and it can be laborious to manually add this fie...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in Bookmarking 1 Reviewed - on hold

Add a 'Copy' option to the drop down, between 'Cut' and 'Paste below'

Unfortunately, adding to or from 'My Bookmarks' to reuse resources does not resonate with our users. Instead they instinctively look for a 'Copy' option to reuse a resource already on a list. Please add the option 'Copy' to the drop down to enhanc...
Sarah @ AUT 8 months ago in Edit List 0 Reviewed - on hold

Display of Review button, even after publishing (without review)

We currently have the "Review & Publish with reminder" workflow. One of our issues is that instructors don't send their list for review, but we also don't want to force them to do it. However, if an instructor simply publishes their list witho...
Guest 9 months ago in Edit List 0 Reviewed - on hold

Include paragraphs in reports and Advanced MIS data

We have a standard note we add to reading lists where we have had confirmation of no textbooks - it would be great to pull this (and other similar paragraphs) into a report where we could a) see it and b) jump to the list to update the text of the...
Bex Carruthers 9 months ago in Reports 1 Reviewed - on hold

Add List Filters for does not (for Contains, Starts with, & Ends with)

We do targetted rollovers, we have many Test lists by a variety of creators and we have told everyone to label their Test lists with the word Test. It would be great to be able to filter these all out when we are trying to create lists to meet the...
Julie Cole 9 months ago in Edit List 1 Reviewed - on hold