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Status Reviewed - on hold
Categories Importances
Created by Jill Hazard
Created on Nov 9, 2023

A request for building in a function/option for the upcoming Mandatory Importance field


When watching the September update I spotted that the Mandatory importance feature would be arriving soon. We really like the idea, but given our working pattern we would like it but we would like it to have the following option/function :

What : That the mandatory importance function would not be enforced for those with a role which would only appear of library administrative staff (e.g. like acquisitions role)

Why : It was mentioned that existing lists would not be impacted by this, until the list is re-published when it was force the importance to be set all list items before publishing. At our institution, the library staff manage some small elements of the updating of list items such as new editions becoming available, so adding and republishing the list in this instance. If this development does not include role limiter/differentiators on this function it would mean additional complication for our workflows. Meaning that we cannot adopt it when we would like to.

Is there going to be a role specific function on this in order to allow for this sort of additional workflow outside of academics creating lists? I'm thinking similar to the forced review function where it only forces review if you don't have Library Acquisitions or Systems Admin roles, to prevent unnecessary reviews.

If not please could it be considered to be added before release?

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  • Admin
    Kate Broadfield
    Jan 12, 2024

    Hi Val, thanks for your question. For clarification, this work is merely to provide institutions with the OPTION to make the ratings mandatory before publishing for their institution. It will not be required of everyone, only by request (and for Self Serve at some point).



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  • Guest
    Jan 11, 2024

    We have stopped using the importance function as ALL readings put in a list are to be "prescribed", with very few "optional". Making this mandatory would be useless for us and I would hope that it is a feature that we could turn off in our tenancy.

  • Admin
    Scott Gibbens
    Nov 16, 2023

    Thanks you for this suggestion. We will evaluate this when we start the work on mandatory importance feature too see how complicated it will be to implement