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Add heading levels to the PDF export of a reading list

The PDF export of a reading list does not contain heading levels which would enable screen reader users to navigate to different sections using quick navigation keys. This makes it extremely time-consuming to try locate or access the readings for ...
Guest 7 days ago in Accessibility 2 Feasibility Review

Address a focus or scrolling issue when using keyboard navigation

Using the arrow and other quick navigation keys with a screen reader such as JAWS for Windows to navigate a reading list which is organised by weeks or topics. The content seems to auto-scroll and unexpectedly change screen reader focus. When I re...
Guest 7 days ago in Accessibility 2 Reviewed - on hold

Export list as PDF in selected citation style

We've had reports of lists not being accessible to certain screenreaders (details are being gathered), and students would prefer the list as a Word or PDF document. When you export the list it would be useful to be able to export the list in a sel...
Bex Carruthers 19 days ago in Accessibility 1 Future consideration

Error page dead-end update

Currently when a user attempts to access a page which does not exist in Talis (either it never did or has been removed), they are presented with a green page 404 error: Error! Something has gone wrong, and our team has been notified. 404: Not Foun...
Natalie Hull 8 months ago in Accessibility 2 Reviewed - on hold

Separate 'Report Broken link' button for online resources

The 'Report broken link' option for students is buried in the item menu, and is often hard for them to find. One of the ways we promote TA to academics is the ability for us to fix links without their intervention, but this requires them to educat...
Chantal Tucker 6 months ago in Accessibility 2 Reviewed - on hold

Dark theme

Dark background option would make it more comfortable to work on Talis for people with various vision conditions or just preference. The large stark white area is very dazzling.
Guest 2 months ago in Accessibility 1 Future consideration

Allowing list to be unpublished and publish again

We would like to be able to have faculty be able to publish and unpublish lists, so that they do not need to archive material between semester and create copies. If they know that a list will be active again in two semester, then unpublishing the ...
Alicia Arding 9 months ago in Accessibility 1 Reviewed - on hold

Add a 'Report broken link/Status' button beside resources that shows when a link has been reported and fixed

While there is a 'Report broken link' button located in the action menu, it would be more obvious and useful if there was a 'report broken link' button next to the 'three dots menu button' (with a dialog box asking them to confirm they are reporti...
Sarah @ AUT 10 months ago in Accessibility 1 Already exists

Make the 'Report Broken Link' button only appear as an option for electronic resources

We have recently activated the 'Report broken link' feature. However we are surprised to see it appears as an option for both electronic and print resources. This has confused students, with many assuming online access to a print resource is broke...
Sarah @ AUT 9 months ago in Accessibility 1 Reviewed - on hold