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Remove deleted lists from 'My invites' list in 'My profile'

Currently, deleted lists continue to appear on 'My invites' list in 'My profile'. This is most irksome given the list link takes you to an error screen. This may or may not be a one-off error only I am experiencing, nevertheless, it would be usefu...
Sarah @ AUT 3 months ago in User Profiles 1 Reviewed - on hold

Add a 'Part Title' filter to the All List Items screen to enable searching by Chapter or Article name

Currently, the 'Item Title' filter in the All List Items screen only searches based on Book/Journal names. If we want to find or check list items by Chapter/Article name, we have to export a CSV file.. It would be much appreciated if there was an ...
Sarah @ AUT 3 months ago in Reports 0 Reviewed - on hold

★ Change the 'Copy list' function to 'Backup list' on unarchived lists, and 'Activate list' on archived lists

Rather than using the 'copy list' function to rollover lists, our users keep using the 'copy list' function to make backup versions of active lists without archiving them. This causes lots of confusion and mix-ups around what is the 'real list' an...
Sarah @ AUT 3 months ago in Rollover 0 Reviewed - on hold

★ Change the 'Add field' and 'Lookup' drop downs to BUTTONS ONLY, and the 'Has Part' and 'Part Of' options to TICK BOXES in the edit metadata window

Unfortunately, our users find it confusing to use the Add field drop down in the metadata window. Rather than choosing an option in the drop down, then clicking the Add button, they find it more instinctive to click the Add button first. Frustrati...
Sarah @ AUT 3 months ago in Bookmarking 1 Reviewed - on hold

Change the wording of 'linked to Code' to 'tagged as Code' or '#Code'

Currently when a list is associated with a Hierarchy Code, it says 'linked to Hierarchy-Code'. Unfortunately, our users misunderstand this to mean the list has been successfully linked to their Canvas course. To avoid this confusion, please change...
Sarah @ AUT 3 months ago in Hierarchy 0 Reviewed - on hold

Option to run a Talis digitised extracts report showing the Talis extract request id as well as the DCS id - see screenshot

We'd like to be able to run a report linking the Talis request ID to the corresponding DCS request ID. Currently we can only see this information when we go into each individual request id on the DCS/Talis integration - see screen shot integration...
Guest 4 months ago in DCS Integration 2 Reviewed - on hold

Allow actionable link for DOI lookup in manual bookmark creation

Currently the DOI lookup in manual bookmark creation requires the user to enter a DOI as follows: 10.47366/sabia.v5n1a3. However, users often see the DOI displayed as and when they use this for the DOI lookup,...
Guest 3 months ago in Bookmarking 0 Reviewed - on hold

Hi, it would be great if we could get 'Library notes' and all url fields in public.f_rl_items.

It would be useful for La Trobe as we still rely on manually exporting reports to identify print items via Power Bi. Adding these columns to the Advanced MIS could speed up our process. Thanks.
Jamie McDonald 4 months ago in Advanced Mis 1 Reviewed - on hold

Add OCR status of digitisations to the Advanced MIS data

It would be really useful to be able to run a report on digitisation requests where the PDF has not been OCRd. That information doesn't currently exist in Advanced MIS, but Consulting can run a custom report to generate a report.
Bex Carruthers about 2 months ago in Advanced Mis 1 Reviewed - on hold

Enable the metadata of reading list items and digitisations to be synced/linked

Currently, if the metadata in a reading list item is updated, the metadata in the linked ditigisation is not updated too. It would be helpful if the metadata for each were synced, so we do not have to update both separately!
Sarah @ AUT 3 months ago in  TADC 0 Reviewed - on hold