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Status Reviewed - on hold
Categories Rollover
Created by Sarah @ AUT
Created on Sep 12, 2023

★ Change the 'Copy list' function to 'Backup list' on unarchived lists, and 'Activate list' on archived lists

Rather than using the 'copy list' function to rollover lists, our users keep using the 'copy list' function to make backup versions of active lists without archiving them. This causes lots of confusion and mix-ups around what is the 'real list' and digitisations being linked to the wrong lists.

To solve this, we propose:

  1. the 'copy list' function on unarchived lists is replaced with 'backup list', which simultaneously duplicates AND archives the list, creating a backup that doesn't wreak havoc by showing up in searches etc. (If the system was really clever, it would also ask the user if the want to overwrite their existing back-up of that specific list, or create a second one)

  2. the 'copy list' function on archived lists is replaced with 'activate list', which does what the 'copy list' function does now

  3. have a new separate 'Rollover list' option in 'My lists' alongside 'Create new list', OR make 'rollover list' an option within the 'Create new list' function. It seems more logical for these options to be located or combined together within the system.

These changes would also help to solve the issue of entire lists, sections, or resources being accidentally deleted without a backup.

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