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View other formats/editions - search with editor

Currently the View other formats/editions search only uses the Title and Author. Where a work has an editor, not an author, our EDS search fails to find any results. If you do title and author search, using the edit as the author, it locates the a...
Bex Carruthers about 8 hours ago in  0

create a fix to allow for number of student in review be clearer which time period they belong to

We have a roll-over process which involves having multiple time periods being available and published at the same time. However the Review area shows the number of students related to ALL lists that the list item displays on, this means that it co...
Jill Hazard 4 days ago in Reviews 0

Add heading levels to the PDF export of a reading list

The PDF export of a reading list does not contain heading levels which would enable screen reader users to navigate to different sections using quick navigation keys. This makes it extremely time-consuming to try locate or access the readings for ...
Guest 7 days ago in Accessibility 2 Feasibility Review

Address a focus or scrolling issue when using keyboard navigation

Using the arrow and other quick navigation keys with a screen reader such as JAWS for Windows to navigate a reading list which is organised by weeks or topics. The content seems to auto-scroll and unexpectedly change screen reader focus. When I re...
Guest 7 days ago in Accessibility 2 Reviewed - on hold

New resource type: book portions; combine two tabs for journal articles when bookmarking

We have feedback from an academic: I have spent more than 1 hour to try to add a book portion (NOT a whole chapter) and still could not add it. So, we would like to see an option to add book portion (as a new resource type) with multiple page rang...
Jingyue Wu 8 days ago in Bookmarking 1 Reviewed - on hold

Undo button

When a section/resource/paragraph has been deleted, it would be useful to have the option to bring it back, even if this is available for say, 30 seconds; could be particularly useful for new list editors.
Guest 11 days ago in Edit List 1 Future consideration

Request for Consistency in Bookmarking Experience from Catalogue

We use Talis Aspire and OCLC and have identified inconsistencies in the bookmarking experience from the catalogue. This issue did not occur when we used Sierra. Here are the specifics: eBooks: When bookmarking from the catalogue, it defaults to "O...
Grace Fu 12 days ago in Bookmarking 1 Moved to Operations

Pre-set text in Complete Review box

Would it be possible to have pre-set text options after clicking the Complete Review button? At the moment we copy and paste a standard message into the box following a review, so having this already set would be very helpful.
Guest 13 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration

Adding comments to the email sent when assigning a list in reviews

It would be very helpful to be able to add a comment when we assign lists to colleagues for review, if the comment is a general one for the whole list e.g. all chapter pages need updating to the new editions etc. This saves us marking every item f...
Guest 13 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration

Allow replacement copies of digitisations to be uploaded after semester has ended/item is EXPIRED

Hi all, At UQ recently we've been doing a project to review a lot of our previously scanned content to quality check and replace them with newer higher quality versions. Today we noticed that Talis does not allow you to upload new copies for items...
Kia Owens 19 days ago in  TADC 1 Feasibility Review