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Status Reviewed - on hold
Created by Sarah @ AUT
Created on Nov 6, 2023

Make it mandatory for resources to be placed in sections in lists

To ensure lists are organised effectively, I suggest making it mandatory for resources to be placed in sections.

We often find that users successively add resources to 'the bottom of the list' (as this is the 'default' option when using 'Create and Add to list' when bookmarking), and neglect to 'sort' them into designated sections before publishing.

This can make lists confusing, and limits the ability to navigate lists using the 'Table of Contents'.

When users 'Create and Add to list', it should be mandatory to choose a section, and/or have all resources in sections when they 'Publish' their list (a message should appear that they cannot publish until all resources on the list have been moved into sections.)

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  • Andrew Manton-Maund
    Nov 9, 2023

    I have also found that this does happen a fair bit, that resources are added to the bottom of a resource list and not in an appropriate section, and I believe this is often the reason why.

    It is difficult for library staff when reviewing to ascertain which section the item ought to be, so often the tutor has to be contacted in order to fix.

    Forcing a section to be specified might make life easier for tutors, librarians and most importantly students who are using the list, and create less 'pitfalls' for tutors to fall into when bookmarking.

  • Admin
    Georgia Hajipieris
    Nov 8, 2023

    Thank you for your feedback, great idea. We will be putting this in our parking lot of ideas for future consideration. Best, Georgia Georgiou (Product Manager @ Talis Aspire)