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Pre-set text in Complete Review box

Would it be possible to have pre-set text options after clicking the Complete Review button? At the moment we copy and paste a standard message into the box following a review, so having this already set would be very helpful.
Guest 8 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration

Undo button

When a section/resource/paragraph has been deleted, it would be useful to have the option to bring it back, even if this is available for say, 30 seconds; could be particularly useful for new list editors.
Guest 7 days ago in Edit List 1 Future consideration

Adding comments to the email sent when assigning a list in reviews

It would be very helpful to be able to add a comment when we assign lists to colleagues for review, if the comment is a general one for the whole list e.g. all chapter pages need updating to the new editions etc. This saves us marking every item f...
Guest 9 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration

Export list as PDF in selected citation style

We've had reports of lists not being accessible to certain screenreaders (details are being gathered), and students would prefer the list as a Word or PDF document. When you export the list it would be useful to be able to export the list in a sel...
Bex Carruthers 15 days ago in Accessibility 1 Future consideration

Allow for multiple entries to be added to the criteria fields when creating reports

We have the need to exclude a large number of modules from having their RLOs archived. the current work around suggested is a lot of additional work, and may not be possible for some based on restrictions at their institution (ability to install a...
Jill Hazard about 2 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Automatically archive associated review when a list is archived

This is an update to idea PROD-I-474. When a list is archived, could the review module also update the status of the review to archived and remove it from the list of current reviews? At the moment, when a list is archived, the review still displa...
Nicky Ransom 18 days ago in Reviews 1 Future consideration

LTI to item level

In Desire2Learn (D2L) we can insert LTIs within HTML pages (Via the insert quick links button). It would be great to be able to LTI link to a specific item, which will then roll to the new version when unit sites and lists rollover. Reason: We hav...
Guest about 2 months ago in LTI 3 Future consideration

Bulk downloading pdfs from TADC

Is it possible in Talis Aspire to download all scans for a list. The one I want is actually archived. It has a huge number of scans attached so I'm hoping there is a way to do this bulk but I can't see a way. I know I can do them individually but ...
Beth Leighton about 1 month ago in  TADC 1 Future consideration

Editing actions from search screen

It would be great to be able to make cut n paste/move actions from within the search screen. Currently, when you search you can't then cut and paste the bookmark without leaving the search and returning to the very long list in which you couldn't ...
Beth Leighton about 2 months ago in Edit List 3 Future consideration

Dark theme

Dark background option would make it more comfortable to work on Talis for people with various vision conditions or just preference. The large stark white area is very dazzling.
Guest 2 months ago in Accessibility 1 Future consideration