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Created by Sarah @ AUT
Created on Sep 12, 2023

Enable multiple timestamped 'Notes' to be added to resources including 'Notes FROM Library'

Currently we ask users to manually add the date and their name when they create a 'Note for Library' so librarians know when their note was written and by who.

Unfortunately, our users often forget, and it can be difficult to distinguish new notes from older notes that still need to be on the list, or who to contact when we need to clarify the note information.

It would be very useful if notes were automatically timestamped with the date and creator.

Furthermore, it would be very helpful if multiple 'Notes' and 'Notes FROM Library' could be added to resources so Lecturers and Librarians can reply to each other within Talis without having to change/add on to the end of the one existing Note

  • eg. to confirm the request/ information has been actioned/ addressed

Likewise, allowing multiple 'Notes to Students' to be added would be useful to break-up separate pieces of information that need to be communicated from either the Lecturer and/or the Library

  • eg. think about this theme when reading (lecturer info)

  • eg. broken link has been fixed, directive to download a chapter rather than reading online, user access has now been increased, more copies purchased/now available (library info)

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