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Status Reviewed - on hold
Categories Advanced Mis
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 3, 2023

Report on deleted lists using Advanced MIS

Advanced MIS is supposed to enable us to report on anything and everything to do with Talis Aspire: items, lists, hierarchy, rollovers, and users, plus staff and end user interactions with the whole system. It seems a bit odd then that we're unable to report on deleted lists currently.

We are open-minded about how this data should be made accessible. We would be happy to see an extra field in public.f_rl_lists or in the f_event_timeseries data tables. Crucially though, we need to be able to report on:

  1. when a list was deleted (date and time)

  2. who deleted it.

If you agree this is something missing from Advanced MIS, please lend us your votes. Thanks in advance.

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