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Status Reviewed - on hold
Created by Sarah @ AUT
Created on Nov 7, 2023

Make customisable confirmation pop-up appear when a user reports a broken link

Currently when a user clicks 'Report broken link', they do not receive a confirmation within Talis or an email notification that their 'broken link report' has been successfully submitted, or information around when the link can be addressed by librarians.

This would be reassuring and helpful for students, as there may be a misconception that links can be fixed anytime the Library is open (including weekends, after hours, Christmas break hours), however (at our institution) fixing of broken links is only undertaken during standard business hours (and not during Christmas break).

This would also deter students from reporting the same link repeatedly due to uncertainty about whether their 'report' was receieved by the library, or impatience as they do not know how long it will take to be resolved.

I suggest a confirmation pop-up appears when a user has reported a broken link. This would need to be customisable and easily changed by each institution when necessary. It would be fantastic if the message could also be scheduled to change automatically at certain times (eg. when weekends/after hours/holiday periods begin)

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  • Admin
    Georgia Georgiou
    Nov 8, 2023

    Hi Sarah, thanks for reporting your feedback. We will be adding this idea to our Parking Lot of ideas for future consideration. Best, Georgia Georgiou (Product Manager @ Talis Aspire)