1. Links to Worldcat in item view - instead of a bookstore  ·  under review

  2. Automatic user creation upon first Shibboleth logon.  ·  backlog

  3. Remove notification of new TADC admins to all admins  ·  declined

  4. When editing a Bookmark - make preview screen available again  ·  declined

  5. Reports on click throughs to Amazon  ·  declined

  6. Include further bibliographic info in All List Items report - specifically book publisher  ·  completed

  7. Include description field in all lists report  ·  declined

  8. Populate the page numbers for digitisation requests from the metadata of the reading list  ·  completed

  9. 'Check your lists' reminder to list owners  ·  declined

  10. "Refresh all book metadata" option to catch bulk changes to e.g. ebook URLs  ·  backlog

  11. Identify whether latest edition in use, in bulk

  12. Emphasising fonts  ·  declined

  13. Improve Dashboard visibility and exportability  ·  backlog

  14. Alternative authentication schemes for APIs  ·  under review

  15. Improved RIS support for import and export of citations to other reference manager software  ·  completed

  16. ability to add a new and reportable metadata field for an accessibility view of a bookmarked item  ·  declined

  17. Extra fields on the report spreadsheet  ·  backlog

  18. Dashboard access via a publicly accessible button on every reading list  ·  declined

  19. Show editor details in reviews screen

  20. Support time periods in the item API so we can only see links to current lists in our OPAC  ·  completed

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