How can we improve Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

Improve Dashboard visibility and exportability

The Dashboard contains analytics on usage, editions, metadata, views, etc, which would be very useful if it was more widely available. The current restriction to List Owners or List Publishers prevents other relevant and appropriate interested parties for accessing and assessing this data.

In a Library managed model distributed across several campuses, we are not yet at the stage of giving teaching staff List Publisher roles and incorporating Reviews into our workflows. We also rarely have a single teaching member of staff, which makes List Owner not a useful feature either, being restricted to one person who has also created a profile, which requires an initial measure of lecturer engagement. The Dashboard analytics would be an excellent method to encourage that engagement and academic adoption rather than the other way round.

Failing releasing these role based restrictions, the next best option would be to make this data exportable, such as to csv or pdf, timestamped to indicate the date of export. We could then provide this to interested teaching staff.

We feel that we are missing out on a key way to share data on Library resource use, with the Dashboard feature being so locked down.

Stacey van Groll
Learning Resources Supervisor
University of Queensland

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We would like to review the dashboard can be shared with academics where permissions and roles are not given to them.

However, this is not currently in our near term development focus so it has been moved to the longer term backlog.

Ideas may be graduated from the backlog as we get through the ones that are planned.


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  • Ian McGregor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not sure if anyone has said this to you off-line but we have recently discovered that you can export the Dashboard to a PDF if you have installed the Firefox add-on "Print Pages to PDF".

    However, I thoroughly agree that the Dashboard should be much more accessible. Like Griffith, Monash has multiple campuses and subjects are taught across more than one campus.

    At Monash, we would like the Dashboard to be made available to anyone who looks at a reading list. I do not believe that there are any privacy related problems in exposing this data from a button on the reading list page.

    Secondly, I have just requested Talis to add the permission to view the Dashboard to the List Creator role, not just the List Publisher role in our tenancy as a result of just reading the Talis article on Knowledge Base, "What is a permission and what is a role?" (October 15, 2013). At the moment Library staff are the List Owners at Monash.

    Ian McGregor
    Lending Services Librarian
    Monash University

  • Ian McGregor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree with Stacey.
    At Monash, we have a similar scenario to University of Queensland i.e. academic staff do not have List Creator or List Publisher roles.
    I have also been told that it would be useful for Faculty Administrative staff to have access to this data so that they can prepare statistical reports for their Faculty Board meetings.
    I endorse Stacey's suggestions to raise the restriction on access to the Dashboard, perhaps by a "read only" view, or to permit the export of the data to a PDF.
    A new role that can be given to such staff would be very useful.
    Regards, Ian

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