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Add bookmark directly to a list

It would be useful to be able to 'refresh' My Bookmarks list from within the Edit List view as there may be an item that you want to add to a list but that you haven't yet bookmarkleted. If you move away from the list and Bookmarklet the resource- at the moment it is necessary to Save and close the list you are working on and go back into Edit List in order for the new Bookmark item to appear in the list in Edit view.

Ideally- from the library perspective it would be very useful to be able to add a resource directly from a catalogue or electronic resource without first adding to My Bookmarks (but that is another 'idea' and will put this on separately).

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Ian Corns (Talis) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • AdminIan Corns (Talis) (Admin, Talis) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    05/06/2009 01:23:17 [Ian Corns (Talis)]
    So, the scenario would be you have a second tab/browser open, go and bookmark resourceX, return to the original tab with the list in edit mode and "Update" - which reloads your bookmarks, allowing you to add resourceX.
    On the second idea (which I'll comment on separately), this may be technically more tricky and the developers need to look at it.
    We have a story to add direct to the list, but doing that whilst in edit mode may be tricky.

    17/06/2009 03:00:57 [Chris Clarke (Talis)]
    Hi Annette,
    Would this be as much of an issue if you could add items directly to the list from the bookmarks screen (I think that's what you're suggesting in paragraph 2 of your idea)?
    Right now the only way to add items to a list is via the drag and drop editor, but I'm thinking if there was a way to add directly to the list from the bookmarking tool (this is on the top of our development stack BTW) then this might better support the underlying goal of working through getting a printed copy of a list into the system?

    17/06/2009 04:12:03 [p.c.hignell]
    Hi Chris,
    This would be a perfect solution. Refresh My Bookmarks from editing view would then not be a big issue.

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