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ISBN Look Up when Bookmarkleting

A Look Up feature- similar to the DOI one would be useful to populate the bookmarklet form if the author / title details are not imported. Possibly a 'look up' using the ISBN to search COPAC?


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Ian Corns (Talis) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • AdminIan Corns (Talis) (Admin, Talis) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    15/06/2009 11:27:17 [Nadeem Shabir (Talis)]
    We already harvest data directly out of the OPAC using Z3950 when a user bookmarklets an item in the catalogue (prism or voyager). We haven't prioritised extending this to allow direct harvesting of meta data based on an ISBN lookup, although I can't think of any technical reason why this shouldn't be possible.
    My own personal preference is that it's better to harvest data from a reliable source than to ask the user to key it in, especially when it's bibliographic data.
    However I'd be interested to gauge how other feels about this.
    What do people think would be best if, in the first instance, a lookup against the catalogue failed?
    If it failed should we attempt to harvest metadata from an alternative source, such as AmazonAWS? Are there any other sources that would be acceptable?

    16/06/2009 00:52:33 [a.moore]
    Harvesting from Prism library catalogue is fine, but we've been trying to harvest from the CURL union catalogue COPAC - - and the metadata doesn't populate the fields when bookmarkleting - we have had to copy and paste all the
    details into the form.

    16/06/2009 00:54:42 [a.moore]
    I should have mentioned in the above, that we're using COPAC if an item is not in stock on our own catalogue.

    16/06/2009 03:12:38 [Chris Clarke (Talis)]
    Hi Annette,
    This seems reasonable for items not in the catalog. Are there any other trusted sources other than COPAC that could be used?
    Also is anyone aware of any copyright issues surrounding the use of data from COPAC etc.? For example, I think if we use AWS data, we must provide a link back to purchase the item from Amazon (as we need to with the bookjacket service).

    16/06/2009 06:19:24 [a.moore]
    Hi Chris
    World Cat would be another 'trusted source'

    28/07/2009 01:26:41 [Chris Clarke (Talis)]
    Hmm I'm wondering how WorldCat would feel about us automatically populating fields from their records given the recent wranglings over their copyright statement.
    I believe they are redrafting the statement following customer outcry so Talis would like to wait and see the results of this before working to automatically extract data from WorldCat to make sure we're not breaking copyright law.
    I need to look into a similar agreement for COPAC.
    Also what about the OpenLibrary project Talis have actually donated millions of MARC records to this project from Talis Base for people to use freely. How does this source stack up to COPAC?

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