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Making setting the importance of an item for Acquisition more obvious

Marking the importance of items on a list is essential information in order for the Library to ensure additional copies and new titles are ordered when resourcing a course. I would like to see the 'importance' drop-down list and 'note to library field' having a higher visibility . I think this needs to be done at the point of adding an item to a list - - currently a tutor would need to go back into each item they have added to a list to mark the 'importance'. When you Create and Add an Item directly to a list- a dialogue box pops up to select the resource list to add to- the section within the list and option to add a note for students. Can this dialogue box also include the 'Importance' drop-down list and the 'Note for Library field'? Also a similar dialogue box would be required when dragging items over from My Bookmarks to a list you are creating allowing a tutor to mark importance at the point of adding an item to the list.

I also feel that marking the importance should be required- otherwise I am concerned that tutors will say they didn't realise they needed to indicate the importance of each item and are likely to miss this stage out altogether if they have to go back into each item to find mark the importance in the Edit Item dialogue box. At Sussex we resource a course according to an agreed ratio according whether an item is 'essential'- 'recommended' or 'optional' reading - so we really need to know importance for all items.


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  • AdminIan Corns (Talis) (Admin, Talis) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    20/11/2009 05:53:05 [Jayne Moss]
    Hi Annette
    I've suggested something similar and you can see it under Review

    20/11/2009 06:53:58 [a.moore]
    Thanks Jayne - apologies I didn't see that it is already under review on JIRA (XIP-1435). Ian mentions adding the 'importance' and 'library note' fields to the form you see when you Create and Add to a List, but I think this needs to be mirrored for if an academic
    is dragging an item from My Bookmarks to a list they are creating - I don't think there is an option to do this at any other stage. My understanding is that the note field visible in the Bookmarking screen produces a personal note. If a tutor added a note for self at
    the point of bookmarking an item to My Bookmarks, that would purely be a promt to add importance or note to Library in the Edit option once the item has been added to a list (but I could be wrong!)

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