How can we improve Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

Improve usability of list searches from the Aspire homepage

This idea comprises:
• Ability to filter or refine list searches
• Changes the behaviour of pagination in list search results
• The option to change the terminology on links which appear in the course of searching
• ‘Back to the school of XYZ’
• ‘Others’ label in the search result

*Ability to filter or refine list searches

If you’re not searching for a specific list, a search may bring back many results. With the page limited to displaying 10 results you may have to page through several screens.

Can filters be introduced to help refine this? For example bringing in the ability to filter the result list by list author, course and module?
Or could the option to configure the number of results displayed on each page be added?
Or could you move to ‘infinite scrolling’, so a default number of searches are returned but if you can’t find what you’re looking for and you scroll down, more results are pulled back?
Change the behaviour of pagination in list search results
If you have paged through several screens of results and click on a list you are taken through to details of the actual list. If you click the browser’s ‘Back’ button you are returned to page 1 of the results, regardless from where you left. This means you have to Next you way back to the page you came from if you are working through the results.

*Can the Back button take you back to the page within the results from which you came?

Perform a search: and go to the second page of results:

Click an item:

Click the browser Back button:

You are returned the first page of results rather than the page you left:

*Change the terminology of the 'Back to the school of [xyz]' button

This is a suggestion to change the terminology on the label for the link as described below.
Search for a Module and click on it:

Back to School of [xyz] link is shown:

When clicked on you are taken to the List of Modules for that School:

The issue is the terminology of the link. ‘Back’ to a page you’ve not been to yet. Could the terminology be changed, for example ‘View all modules for School of [xyz]’?

*Option to change the ‘Others’ label in the search result heading

When searching, are results under Others always lists Modules, as these are the nodes we have set up:

Can we have the option to change this heading, e.g. to ‘Modules’?

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Ciaran Talbot shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminLaura Unwin (Admin, Talis) responded  · 

The search facility is an area we would like to review further. Some great examples of how search could be used and would be great to see other use cases added to this idea.

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  • Sheffield Hallam University commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We would also like archived lists to be removed from the search results and for the results to bring the most recently lists and Modules back first rather than the oldest lists.

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