How can we improve Copyright Clearance in Talis Aspire?

Further Talis automation possible for 'Requests over copyright limit'

Below is some excellent feedback from Louisa about potential options and suggestions when excess of 10% is requested.


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From: Louisa Foley <>
Date: 31 January 2014 16:02
Subject: Further Talis automation possible for 'Requests over copyright limit'?
To: Camille Furniss <>

Hi Camille,

I see one of the potential strengths of Talis being that it can automate processes. The Concierge can give an immediate answer to the academic as soon as they make their request. This works well for requests within the copyright limits. However, Talis can possibly develop their system further for requests that exceed the copyright limit. Some of the checks we do manually in these cases could be automated - I've given some examples below:

- The Talis 'Concierge' could check relevant databases to see if the work is 'Out of print' in the Australian market. For example, the 'Books in Print - Global edition' website ( ) allows a check using the ISBN. Here is an example of a book that is out of print in Australia - "Developmental/adapted physical education"; I checked for it using the ISBN-10: 0023317019 from our catalogue and here is the result page for Australia. -|636132|406238&mc=AUS
The 'Books in print' site could be a first check. It may be possible to check other sites too to verify the information. Other sites we use to check include - James Bennett - and /Co Info -

- Talis should be able to check if there is another edition of the book that isn't already in use. This is one of the first checks we make when we have requests that exceed the copyright limit. Is this the sole edition or could we use 10% from an earlier or later edition of the work?

- Can Talis check if there is an eBook available on our catalogue and suggest this / or immediately create the link to it? At the moment Talis doesn't seem to recognise that a bookmarked item is an eResource (currently it allows digitisation to be requested and gives a message about uploading a copy). If a hardcopy book has been bookmarked and chapters are requested from it will Talis be able to identify that there is a eBook available on our catalogue?

Kind regards,

Louisa Foley
Digitisation Officer | Digitisation & Distribution | Information Management
Information Services | Griffith University

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